Junior Blue Belt



  • straight finger thrust
  • middle knuckle strike
  • bear paw (half fist)


  • spinning outside crescent kick
  • spinning hook kick
  • jumping spinning back kick
  • back scoop kick
  • front scoop kick
  • crossover stomp

Elbows and Knees

  • upward elbow
  • obscure back elbow
  • obscure front elbow
  • diagonal inward elbow


Hand Combinations

  • backfist, cross, lead uppercut
  • lead hook punch, rear hook punch, lead uppercut, rear uppercut

Foot Combinations

  • rear roundhouse kick, spinning outside crescent kick
  • rear front kick, shuffle lead roundhouse kick
  • feint front kick into roundhouse kick

Sets and Forms

  • elbow set


  • Delayed Sword
  • Alternating Mace
  • Sword of Destruction

Light Sparring