School Holidays closure

We will be closed on the below weeks.

Monday 2nd August until Sunday 22nd August

So great to welcome back senior tonight.

So Wednesday is currently
Juniors 6.45pm - 7.45pm
Seniors 8pm - 9pm
Saturday is juniors 2pm-3pm

21st June – Regular contact training can commence, risk assessments will apply but expect things back to normal
We’re still waiting for further clarity on the guidance published at which point we will be in contact for a return to training plan and the timetable we can offer.

Looks like St Benedict's is not going to allow us to train anytime soon.
I am still awaiting the return pre-training covid form returning to me via email as well as dates that the child may be able to train. Without these you will not be able to train.
We are also restricted as to who will be allowed to train. General rule of thumb is if allowed to go to school then you are ok to train.



Please visit Garforth Kenpo Karate facebook account for updated syllabus 

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