Karate Grading is Cancelled on Sunday 18th March due to weather conditions.

2018 Grading Dates  

18th March
22nd July
16th December
The club is CLOSED  on all Bank Holiday's

The club will also be closed during school holidays due to the small numbers turning up.

Club closures
Spring Holidays               
30 Mar 2018(Fri) 13 Apr 2018(Fri) (Closed 2 weeks)
Closed Mon 2nd Wed 4th Mon 9th Wed 11th  
Closed Mon 7th May (Bank Holiday)
Summer Half Term Holidays     
28 May 2018(Mon) 1 Jun 2018(Fri) (Closed 1 week)
Closed Mon 28th Wed 30th
Grading Sunday 22nd July
Summer Holidays           
26 July 2018(Thu) 31 Aug 2018(Fri) (Closed 6 weeks)
Closed Mon 23rd Wed 25th Mon 30th Wed 1st Aug Mon 6th Wed 8th Mon 13th Wed 15th Mon 20th Wed 22nd  Mon 27th Wed 29th
Autumn Half Term Holidays      
29 Oct 2018(Mon) 2 Nov 2018(Fri) (Close 1 week)
Closed Mon 29th Wed 31st
Grading Sunday 16th December
Winter Holidays
24 Dec 2018(Mon)  4 Jan 2019(Fri) (Closed 2 weeks)
Closed Mon 24th Wed 26th Mon 31st Wed 2nd

Christmas Closure

Club will be closed for Monday 11st December and re-open on Monday 8th January 2018.

Please visit Garforth Kenpo Karate facebook account for updated syllabus

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