1. Step out to your left into a meditating horse stance.
  2. Close into an attention stance.
  3. Raise your right closed fist.
  4. Raise your left open hand, then cover your right fist and draw this back to your right side. Simultaneously step your right foot forwards into a twist stance.
  5. Extend your hands to a position in front of your heart and at the same time step your left foot forwards into a left 45 degree cat stance.
  6. Place your hands back to back.
  7. Roll your hands inward in a circular motion and pull your firsts back to your hips, at the same stepping your left foot one pace backwards and then stepping your right foot back to meet it, such that you are now feet together with fists on hips.
  8. Step out into a horse stance with your left foot and at the same time wipe the backs of your hands on your thighs and then circle your hands outward and upward to meet above your head, forming again a triangle with your fingers.
  9. Bring your hands towards you and down, making again the covered weapon.
  10. Bring your hands towards you and down into a prayer position.
  11. Do outward circles with your hands bringing them back to your thighs at the same time as your left foot returns to attention stance.